We are Welding Professionals



Weld joints for material thicknesses of 0,1 to 80 mm are the standard for many products and the basis for many requirements.

This covers for example low-alloyed and high-alloyed steel, aluminum, titanium and nickelbased alloyss. For this purpose, our experts use miscellaneous welding processes – ranging from standard arc welding processes (MAG, MIG, TIG) to laser welding. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities involve 5 axis guiding systems. We also provide areas of expertise like resistance welding (spot-welding) or CMT (cold metal transfer). Our expertise is proven by certificates: EN ISO 3834-2.

Our expert welding techniques

• Resistance spot welding and projection welding
• Laser welding (CO2 and solid state)

Our Excellent Manufacturing Equipment is Used for:

• Laser Manufacturing
CO2 sources ranging from 2,5 to 6 kW and a 8 kW solid state laser source.
Various 3D guiding machines up to an operating range of max. 2300 x 3200 mm or 1500 x 4000 mm.

• Standard arc welding process (MAG, MIG, WIG)
Manual and robot guided welding components of any kind in the area of steel and aluminum materials by using 5 hand welding stations and 13 welding robots.

• Another area of expertise
We have years of experience in using a CMT welding installation, e.g. for joining structural elements of aluminum castings and aluminum extrusions, resistance welding by using manual facilities and robots.

Examples and experiences

• ACC (laser welding assembly): 0,4 mm sheet with overlap-joint and butt weld joint.
• Repair parts: combustion chamber: removal of defective areas by laser cutting techniques and insertion of new parts by using laser welding techniques.
• CMT and WIG using the example of the module carrier R8 aluminum casting with extrusions in a narrow tolerance zone.
Feedback step: composite technology in the turbine area is MAG joined at hand welding stations with the most narrow tolerances.

Quality Assurance

• We personally implement various destructive and nondestructive weld inspections.
• Measurement of welding assemblies on 3D measuring machines and of large components by using Leica laser tracker.