Binder Slovakia, s.r.o.



Binder sets international standards in the field of metal technology.


Our products contribute to the technical and economical competitive edge in the fields of automotive, aerospace, power generation, railways and design. Innovation and highest quality combine the business activities of the manufacturing and processing of metal parts and product components:

Starting with the design and concept optimization of the development to the planning and the manufacturing of prototypes and the final implementation of the serial production.

State-of-the-art production technologies in the fields of forming, machining, laser-manufacturing and welding enable our clients the usage of durable and intelligent metal products and components. Our excellent production facilities guarantee manufacturing on a very high technical standard.

Growing up with metal, becoming big – and growing out of limits


Since 1926 – always ahead

We support our customers when moving into new product ranges, technologies and the challenges of the dynamic development of the markets. Today, we proudly look back on the past and confidently look into an exciting future.

Since the formation of the Metallwarenfabrik Reichertshofen Karl Binder GmbH in the year 1926, new and sustainable production technologies, optimized in-house production systems and creative solutions string together. In addition qualification and training of our team, the quality assurance and the cooperative and extensive customer consulting plays a very important role.

Creative Solutions for complex requirements and high demands

We competently established ourselves in the market as a creative solutions provider:
We are an up-to-date family business and our innovation is derived from many years of experience and the inventive talent of the previous 80 years. We use this knowledge to find the most efficient solutions for our customers and to implement these solutions according to high quality standards – regardless of the individual challenges with respect to shape, weight, costs, size, new and optimized processing or an exceptional field of application.