Experts co-operate with experts

Our customers include international market leaders, established companies, courageous pioneers and creative
discoverers. Long-standing customers place their trust in our company for decades. New customer relationships are another incentive to push the limits of new industries
and product ranges – we are encouraged to develop new synergies between our expertise knowledge of different industries and to improve our in-house technologies for the intelligent and efficient application of metal.
The loyalty to our customers is an essential ingredient for the trustful co-operation:
At this point we will present to you a small selection of references without any in-depth information. You will certainly understand that we do not publish such confidential information due to the respect we have with regard to our customers.

A selection of our customers

Power Generation: SIEMENS, ALSTOM, GE, SKODA and the respective worldwide licensees
Railways: tank and container construction for trains
Design: 3D facade elements for the innovative architecture of large buildings and public buildings all over the world
Other Industries: KRONES (systems engeneering)