We master the usage of laser technology for many years – across all industries and materials.


We are pioneers in this business sector. Our specialty: laser welding for low distortion and high-quality welds on materials that are difficult to weld. By designing special laser heads we even reach and handle inaccessible areas of components. Our range of services also includes the repair of engine components.

The manufacturing facilities speak for themselves: various 5 axis equipment and laser beam sources with a maximum power of 8 kW. According to the individual task we decide to use wavelengths of the CO2 laser or the solid-state laser. Additionally, we operate laser welding machines for largescale production components.

Amongst other things, laser welding is used for different grades of steel, zinc-coated steel, high alloy steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel based alloys as well as magnesium.

Because of the high quality we have opened the way for the approval of many international customers in the special fields of laser cutting and laser welding.