Education at Binder



… we Challenge and Support Young People for More than 40 Years!

A qualified training is the best access to and the basis of the long-term success in the working life.
We support commitment and strengths, we encourage the trainees to contribute ideas independently, and we prepare the trainees for the challenging tasks in our company.

The Goals: Expertise, Qualifications, Industry Knowledge and Social Skills

From the very beginning, we sharpen the awareness of high quality. The trainees acquire the most up-to-date specific expert skills in the respective area of expertise and also the interfaces of the various areas: a look beyond the horizon and the “knowledge about the functioning of a company” play an important role in the training and the professional career – starting from the construction to the laser welding and finally the sales and distribution as well as the industry expertise of our clients.
As a family business we are particularly interested in the social skills: the social interaction with the team, colleagues, clients, partners and suppliers are topics included in our training concept.

A Foundation for the Future: Qualified Jobs and Perspectives

A look into the future demonstrates: the training in a leading company is a valuable source, not only for the expert knowledge.
Up to the present day, most of the trainees who have shown commitment and success have received a permanent appointment in our company. Many long-term employees started as trainees and have advanced to skilled workers, group managers, team leaders and finally to executive managers – another motivation when working in our company.
We invest a lot of resources in the training and the advanced training. This is an additional benefit for our customers: a persistent development of the skills and a passion for the job guarantee the best performance possible as well as a sense of responsibility.

• Technical Jobs
Construction Technician (male/female)
Toolmaker (male/female)
Machining Mechanic (male/female)

• Commercial Jobs
Industrial Manager (male/female)

Your graduation is imminent? You are interested in training in our company?

We offer you an interesting, diverse, future-oriented and team-based training – we will prepare you for the requirements of the future. Do you have further questions and/or are seeking information about our training? We are looking forward to assist you.

Please send your application via post to:

Fr. Nicola Schranner
Tel.: +49 (0) 8450 – 9269 – 813