Forming of metal and components



Whether it is high strength alloys or experimental and new forms – we take no chances and use precise forming simulations: our expert team uses years of experience and an innovative feeling to find solutions for extraordinary demands – however, the simulation is not the limit; frequently, our practical expert experience pushes the limits to the maximum possible degree.


We process a wide range of metals – starting with high strength steels to aluminum and titanium alloys.
The excellent manufacturing equipment ranges from mechanical and hydraulic presses to fluid cell and hydro-forming presses. With these machines we are used to produce huge volumes fully automated and small quantities with cost-efficient tooling concepts.

The forming is used for the most diverse variety of metals

• Higher strength steel and high strength steels
• High-alloy steels
• Aluminum alloys
• Stainless steels
• Nickel base alloys
• Magnesium alloys
• Titanium alloys

…and in the future forming is for metals that are still considered to be visionary today

Excellent manufacturing equipment

• Mechanical and hydraulic presses with a forming pressure of 1.000 to (Max. 3.000 x 1.900 mm)
• Industrialized mechanical presses with 200 – 800 to (Max. 4.500 mm x 2.100 mm)
• Fluid Cell Presses (up to 1.400 bar)
• Internal high pressure forming
• Hydro-forming press with a locking pressure of up to 8.000 to and a forming pressure of 4.500 bar
• Pipe-bending arrangement