Railways – creating a solid basis for the future

Binder Technologie and the railways industry: we strive for utmost security and reliable durability of the materials used.
Our products are part of the resistant and high-quality basis of our customers. This guarantees the ability to cope with the extreme and often unpredictable requirements of the rail transport. Our metal parts support the companies in their successful respond to the challenges with respect to the high requirements and the strict expectations in the fields of the availability and the reliability of the carriers and the logistics companies. We are a international, versatile and loyal partner for the border crossing excellence of our customers. We offer utmost safety for the entire process chain and we provide the best possible production conditions – certified by the welding license for rail vehicles (DIN EN 15085-2 CL1).

Production technologies in the railways sector

Forming – for the safe and secure serial production, with precise control and regulation
Laser cutting – with dynamics and speed
Machining – with precision, accuracy and power
Welding – effectiveness, for all quantities
Tests – meticulous and consequent, like laboratories are working

This results in products with a broad range of precise formed parts as well as welding assemblies with varying sizes, quantities and different materials – e.g. in the area of tank
construction. Where applicable we implement design changes, for instance to switch to laser-welded assemblies.