Power Generation



We are continuously developing our skills together with our customers.

There are also many similarities with the industrial sector of the power generation. We both strive for maximum safety and to gain the maximum of the materials used. Many customers appreciate the long-term and trustful co-operation – some for more than 20 years. We are a global partner and supplier for the major power plant manufacturers. These organizations have confidence in our company because of our expert know-how and the broad knowledge about the requirements of the industry: durable components with maximum security.

Our products contribute to the achievement of your targets: a costeffective power plant technology providing a resource-conserving, efficient and reliable source of energy for the future. Our “power plant” delivers optimal performance with up-to-date manufacturing equipment.

Production technologies in the power generation sector

Laser cutting – precise cuts for small and large wall thicknesses
Machining – with precision, accuracy and power
Welding – with high and repeatable quality
Tests – meticulous and consequent, like laboratories are working

This results in products in the field of the guide structures of gas and steam turbines – e.g. guide blades, guide rings and nozzle rings. In the long run, we not only concentrate on the manufacturing of individual parts, but also on the production of large-size components. For compressors we produce guide structures, impellers and assemblies.