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By partnering with our clients in the automotive industry we support their value chain already for decades and provide the decisive competitive edge for the key areas of their businesses. We both share very high safety standards and the firm believe in highest quality and the intelligent, cost-effective means of production.

Binder Technologie is the contractor of the leading automotive manufacturers and the respective system and component suppliers. Regular customers are aware of the fact that they keep benefitting from the reliability and the consistent high quality of all project and production phases. With our visionary concepts, we achieve an efficient serial production to support our customers in developing salable cars.

Prototype Construction


Prototypes are valuable individual pieces, produced in small numbers, which serve as a basis for later serial production. These are manufactured to test the product with its properties as well as the process, to achieve efficient production.

In order to be able to produce this for our customers cost-effectively and with high quality, we use state-of-the-art production processes. The intelligent combination of these processes creates products that set new standards.
In this field, all production processes, which are later used in serial production, are being tested.

At the same time, techniques are used which are solely aimed at the production of low volumes, in particular the fluid forming and laser technology. Both methods avoid expensive tooling costs in the initial project stage where changes occur increasingly. With regard to the materials to be processed, we are able look back on many years of experience in forming and assembling different materials for our customers.

Series Production


To accompany the pathways of our customers in the automotive industry is to support their value chain over decades and to offer decisive economic advantages in the key areas. We both share the pursuit of security and the firm commitment to the highest quality, to find an intelligent, cost-efficient form of production.

Longstanding regular customers know that they always benefit from reliability and consistently high quality beyond all project and production phases. In this way, we support our customers by turning visionary design into marketable cars, by making them profitable in series.

Here you will find a selection of our products:

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Production technologies in the automotive sector

Forming – reliable for the process, precise and cost-efficient

• Laser cutting – with dynamics and speed

• Mechanical processing – fine, precise and powerful

Welding – efficient, with different production volumes

Testing – meticulous and consistent as in the laboratory

The products cover an extensive, broad spectrum: punched parts, sophisticated edging and drawn parts, formed parts up to complex welding groups. Holders, reinforcements, parts of floor groups as well as for structure and frames. We are also specialized in experienced, precise assembly.